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The top 10 edge data centre leaders

From hyperscale cloud providers to micro data centre startups, Data Centre Magazine takes a look at the companies making a splash at the edge

|Dec 11|magazine2 min read

2021 could well become known as the year of the edge. As the demand for ultra-low-latency, high-throughput digital infrastructure grows, more and more operators are seeking to unlock the potential of edge networks. 

The growing popularity of high performance computing (HPC) applications and solutions at the edge is also driving this trend. Keith Stafford, Head of Cloud Architecture at Continent 8 Technologies notes that, “HPC at the Edge is another opportunity for cloud service providers (CSPs) to produce additional fully managed offerings, ranging from small form factor appliances to prefabricated edge data centres that place that HPC infrastructure as close as possible to the processing.” He adds that 5G and IOT will also continue to drive opportunities for CSPs, particularly in creating and providing opportunities at the Edge. 

This week, Data Centre Magazine takes a look at the companies driving the next wave of innovation at the edge.