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The top 10 characteristics of data centres in 2025

From ultra-high density to end-to-end modularisation, we take a look at Huawei’s predictions for data centres in the year 2025.

|Mar 23|magazine1 min read

The data centre industry is changing. Ten years ago, a data centre was a large walk in refrigerator, chilled to the bone and packed with servers. Now, things are very different, and they’re about to get even less recognisable in just a few years. 

From legacy enterprise facilities to hyperscale, ultramodern, open-source campuses the size of city blocks, data centres have changed dramatically over the past decade, as demand for capacity has risen and the need for more sustainable design has become increasingly acute. 

This week, we’re taking a look at Huawei’s recently released predictions for the nature of data centre design by the year 2025.